Poetic Awakenings

Poetry sits inside the center of awakenings. ~ Kiana Davis

Kiana Davis is an author, poet, performing artist and educator.  She has a heart for empowering youth in under-served communities.  She used to be one of them. The poetry Kiana writes today explores class, identity, gender norms, poverty and social justice.

Kiana started writing poetry at the age of 12 to confront coming-to-age in a low-income neighborhood. She also found poetry to be a worthy tool in developing her identity as a young Black girl in America. Years later, Kiana is still writing her way through the conundrum of life and equipping others, especially local youth, to do the same.

Her work has been published in the South Seattle Emerald and the Emerald Reflections; she’s organized, co-hosted or been the featured poet/performing artist in over a dozen poetry workshops, and is the recipient of various grants to support her writing endeavors.

Kiana was commissioned to write a poem for the University of Washington’s Black Student Union in 2016. She was also selected to be apart of the 2016-2017 Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab, a program designed to cultivate participants’ skills as educators in concert with their skills as artists over an 8-month period.

Recently, Kiana was awarded a 4Culture Arts Project grant that will allow her to publish 2 chapbooks of youth poetry in a project called Voices in the Shadows.

Kiana has served as an educator in Washington State for the last 10 years. She has written 2 books of poetry titled Digging for Roots and From These Roots Up. Autographed copies of these books are available for purchase on Kiana’s website.

Kiana resides in Seattle, Washington.